80 litre compostable bin liners

80 Litre Bio Bin Liners, Multipack (240)

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High quality 80 litre bio bin liners, certified for both home and industrial composting. These liners are made from Mater-Bi®, a breathable material that keeps food waste drier and cooler thereby reducing any odours. This plant-based film is made from vegetable oils and thistle starch, so it won't contaminate soil and is a proven barrier to bacteria, viruses and mould. 

Ideal for pure food waste either in the home or commercial kitchens, these bio bin liners reduce the need for washing bins. They are also transparent when wet so contents can be viewed.  

Dimensions: 1040 x 810mm

Gauge: 17 microns

Packaged as 1 box containing 12 rolls of 20 liners.

100% Biodegradable & Compostable.
All deliveries are carbon neutral